About Us

The team at BeerBros has an abnormal appreciation for beer. We are passionate about making beer, tasting beer and enjoy supporting others to do the same. We are geared to meet the expanding needs of our customers in the hobbyist, commercial brewing and distilling communities, both locally and abroad.

BeerBros offers its’ customers a wide range of products and services in both the retail and wholesale sectors. Whether you’re a hobbyist, brewer and distiller or you have your own commercial interest; BeerBros is your supplier of choice.

We offer our customers a bespoke communication platform to both manage and grow their business or interests. Our clients can access products and services via our retail outlet, our on-line store (www.beerbros.co.za) and via our world class collaborative communications platform (https://beerbros.pfirestorm.co.za). Click here to register for free BeerBrosBrewers (BBB) Membership.

BeerBros is now online and we courier orders nationwide with South Africa.

For more information please contact adrian@beerbros.pfirestorm.co.za or 071 178 6312