The guide below provides suitable hop substitutes

Are we out of your favourite hop? Does the recipe call for a hop you can’t get hold of? We have run into this problem while brewing, and always needed a quick reference to find a good substitution. So we put the below guide together to help us, so hopefully it helps you too!

It was compiled with the help of our good friend google as well as our hop knowledge to give assistance in choosing the best hop substitute.

Hop Variety

Possible Hop Substitutes

Admiral Target, Northdown, Challenger
Ahtanum Amarillo, Centennial, Simcoe
Amarillo Cascade, Centennial, Summit, Ahtanum
Brewers Gold Chinook, Galena, Nugget
Bullion Northern Brewer
Cascade Amarillo, Centennial, Summit, J17/63 African Queen
Centennial Amarillo, Cascade, Columbus, Summit
Chinook Brewers Gold, Columbus, Galena, Nugget, Northern Brewer, Eroica
Citra None!
Cluster Galena, Eroica
Columbus Magnum, Chinook, Northern Brewer, Warrior, Millenium, Bullion
Crystal Mt. Hood, Liberty, Hallertauer, Tettnanger, Strisselspalt
E.K. Goldings Fuggle, Progress, First Gold
Eroica Galena
First Gold E.K. Goldings
Fuggle Willamette, Styrian Golding, Tettnanger, Newport
Galena Brewers Gold, Nugget, Cluster, Chinook, Eroica, Newport
Glacier Willamette, Fuggle, Tettnanger, Styrian Goldings
Hallertau Liberty, Tettnanger, Mt. Hood, Vangaurd, Tradition
Horizon Magnum
Liberty Hallertau, Tettnanger, Mt. Hood, Crystal, Ultra
Lublin Saaz, Sterling
Magnum Horizon, Newport
Marynka Northern Brewer
Millenium Nugget, Columbus
Mt. Hood Hallertauer, Liberty, Crystal, Strisselspalt
Northern Brewer Nugget, Chinook, Columbus, Bullion, Perle, Styrian Aurora
Newport Galena, Nugget, Fuggle, Magnum
Northdown Admiral, Challenger
Nugget Cluster, Galena, Brewers Gold, Warrior, Eroica, Target, Millenium
Perle Challenger, Northern Brewer
Progress Fuggles, E.K. Goldings
Saaz Sladek, Lublin, Sterling, Ultra, Vangaurd
Santiam Tettnanger, Spalt, Liberty, Hallertau
Sladek Saaz, Lublin
Spalt Santiam, Liberty, Tettnanger, Hallertau
Sterling Saaz, Lublin
Strisselspalt Mt. Hood, Crystal
Styrian Aurora Northern Brewer
Styrian Goldings Fuggle, Willamette
Summit Amarillo, Cascade
Target Nugget, Fuggle, WIllamette, Admiral
Tettnanger Hallertauer, Liberty, Fuggle
Tradition Hallertauer
Ultra Liberty, Hallertauer, Saaz
Vangaurd Saaz, Hallertauer
Warrior Nugget, Columbus
Willamette Styrian Golding, Target, Fuggle, Tettnanger, Glacier


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